Since its founding in 2008 by Ambassador Michael Sheehan and Mr. Vincent Viola, the Madison Policy Forum’s (MPF) mission has been to advance rigorous, nonpartisan policy reviews of key national security issues.  In the tradition of our fourth President, James Madison, MPF’s goal is to promote informed public discussion, which he considered a critical component of an effective democracy.  



The Madison Policy Forum achieves its mission by convening forums, hosting conferences, and sponsoring fellowships focusing on critical national security issues facing our nation.  From 2008 until 2012, MPF was focused on three main areas: terrorism, intelligence, and cyber threats.  During this period, MPF conducted a series of forums focused on these topics both in New York City and at West Point.

Starting in 2012, MPF began to focus more on cyber security issues while simultaneously building a deeper partnership with Fordham University’s Center on National Security.  The MPF Military-Business Cybersecurity Fellowship (originally “Military Business Dialogue”) has developed into a network of national thought leaders on cybersecurity.   

Most recently, the Madison Policy Forum has embarked upon a review of US and global energy. The purpose of the study is to provide unbiased data about the trends in the principle energy sectors, their respective subsidies and CO2 emissions. It reviews key countries including the US, EU, Germany, China and India and various states within the US with divergent energy plans. Our intent is to provide clear and contextualized data to inform energy policy and gain public support.